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The people at Sea Independent Italy

Sea Independent was founded in 2010 by Marcel Borgmann, one of Holland’s most experienced and respected yacht brokers. As founder and CEO of Contest Brokerage, and later as general director of Contest Yachts,  he gained lots of experience with international transactions and network cooperation with other yacht brokers. Based on this experience he decided to take international sales of luxury yachts to the next level with Sea Independent.

Enrico Malingri  became in 2011 agent for Sea Independent in Italy.

In 2012 both decided that the next step in the development of the Sea Independent network should be a greater integration and a more recognizable branding. “For our clients the network must be fully transparent and 100% reliable”. The network of agents is the only one in the world that is certified according to high-minded principles of competence. This guarantees top quality service.

The first registered yacht brokerage company®

Sea Independent has optimized and documented its work procedures and codes of behavior on the basis of strict protocols from the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI).
As a result, Sea Independent is the first registered yacht brokerage company® in the world.

(for reference please see the public records at

Precisely the adherence to supreme methods and clear modus operandi underlines the
distinguishing quality and value that Sea Independent offers as a yacht Brokerage company.